Empowering medical practitioners to

Record, Share, and Retrieve patients data with or without internet access


Seamless communication between allied practitioner

No more worrying about forgetting names or getting mixed up! Just type in their name and send them a message. They'll receive your message instantly with just one tap on their online or offline dashboard. Instant Notification

Data migration

Easily migrate your data from another system with Sainef's data migration options. This will help you transfer all your patient's history from one system. no matter the size!

Offline capability

Never miss an update on your patient's vitals again. You can access any Sainef-enabled device offline and still get a complete history of vital signs, notes, and treatment plans without an internet connection.

Modernized interface

We have simplified the user interface to make it easy to use and more effective. All the essential features are neatly organized into a single window, making it quick and easy to find what you need.


Protect your patient data

Your data,your control

We take pride in ensuring we secure your medical data.

In order to protect your privacy, we have incorporated a number of security measures in place. We encrypt all your data and store it in encrypted form on our servers with restricted access. We use a range of technologies and processes to keep your data safe, including firewalls, encryption and monitoring systems.